Licensed Action Theater Teachers

The individuals listed on this page have gone through extensive training with Ruth Zaporah and actively demonstrate the required skills and conceptual understanding necessary to teach the Action Theater method. Each is a certified and licensed teacher approved by Ruth Zaporah. Following the names and contact information is the year of certification. To view teaching schedules please visit the websites listed.

Cassie Tunick, Heather Harpham, Sabine von der Tann and Sten Rudstrøm have been by my side in the studio for at least twenty five years. They were and continue to be stalwart explorers of the Action Theater practice from the days of its raw and bumbling experimentation to it’s current more cogent form. I honor and am deeply grateful for their commitment, perseverance and devotion to the Action Theater practice.
Heather Harpham / New York, NY /, 1998
Sten Rudstrøm / Berlin, GERMANY /, 1998
Cassie Tunick / Brooklyn, NY & Boston, MA /, 1998
Sabine von der Tann / Berlin, GERMANY /, 1998
Sarah Hickler / Boston, MA /, 1998
Deanna Anderson / San Francisco, CA /, 2006
Andres Noormets / Viljandi, ESTONIA /, 2006
Linda Rodeck / Albuquerque / NM,, 2006
Sarah Bild / Montreal, CANADA /, 2008
Phil Mitchell / Melbourne, AUSTRALIA /, 2008
Etoile Chaville / GERMANY & FRANCE /, 2011
Mindy Grossberg / Albuquerque, NM /, 2011
Holly Maiz / Santa Fe, NM /, 2011
Matthias Rüttimann / Biel-Bienne, SWITZERLAND /, 2011
Cécile Rêve / Boston, MA /, 2012
Mary Rose / Portland, OR /, 2014
Nadine Sures / Beirut, LEBANON /, 2014
Rebecca Mackenzie / London, ENGLAND /, 2014
Rachel Cohen / Brooklyn, NY /, 2014
Shinichi lova-Koga / Luzern, SWITZERLAND /, 2016
Susan Skeele / Santa Fe, NM /, 2017
Skye Hughes / Philadelphia, PA /, 2017
Nathaniel Holder / Portland, OR /, 2018
Claire Peaslee / Point Reyes, CA /, 2019
Jenn McCandless / Santa Barbara, CA /, 2019
Niki Tulk / Plymouth, NH /,, 2020
Joshua Lorris / Minneapolis, MN /, 2021
Michelle Renee Erard / Northampton, MA /, 2021

Any individual who is not listed above is not licensed nor approved by Ruth Zaporah to teach the physical theater improvisation method called Action Theater™; nor do any hours accrued by a student from a non-approved teacher count toward the student's certification.

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