Ruth Zaporah and Bob Ernst

This page introduces you to the theatrical improvisation work of Ruth Zaporah and Robert Ernst. These two consummate performers have been working together since the 1970s to create remarkable events showcasing their talents as theater and movement artists. Their first performances took place in the studios of the now legendary Blake Street Hawkeyes, of which Ernst is a founding member, and Skylight, one of the earliest East Bay studios of the era. Then, their work was innovative and ground-breaking; today, it stands out as a polished, well-hewn classic amongst the various and numerous performing artists taking to the stage.

Separately, Zaporah and Ernst have worked along parallel paths in different areas. Ruth Zaporah conducts an improvisation performance and training known as Action Theater both throughout the United States and abroad. Her teaching focuses on the unification of movement and acting as expression of present attention. Ernst teaches an improvisational workshop based on his own theorems of movement and theater, and appears regularly on the professional stage and on film and television in a myriad of theatrical personas.

Since 1990, Zaporah and Ernst have joined once again to invite audiences to their improvisational arena. "Out of Nowhere"(1991) was a sold-out event that combined evenings of duet work with additional trio performances in collaboration with well-known singer and recording artist, Rhiannon. In 1994, the duo branched out with "Into Something Else" to include sixteen invited guests-- several per evening-- whose own work is notable in fields such as set design, music, dance, and lighting. Well-known performers Rinde Eckert, Leonard Pitt, and J. Raoul Brody were amongst the invited. The event was a success and a profound, real-life testament to the provocative nature of improvisation in its purest form; the more that is unknown, the greater the potential for discovery and excitement.

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