A Journal About Action Theater™
Issue Two January 2005

Words from the Editors

Welcome to the second issue of Words On Action, a journal about Action Theater.

In this issue, we take you inside the
workshop experience, with reports from the middle of the floor, reports about new floors, and reflections on returns to the floor.

A funny word, floor. A thing that we take for granted as it supports us, grounds us, creates a place from which to leap up, and stops us from being sucked down into the center of the earth—gravitationally speaking. 

Workshops are our invitation to enter the space, make contact and caress the edges with both the soft and callused parts of our selves.

We are very excited about the upcoming topics for the next several issues of Words On Action. Please visit the Submissions page for details and information on how to contribute. And be sure to send us your teaching schedule so that we can add that to our Calendar page.

We welcome your feedback on the journal, as well as suggestions for topics you would like to see covered in the future.


Julie Feinstein
Jenny Schaffer

Notes from
New Mexico
Ruth Zaporah reports on her latest inspiration: a new studio. 
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Taking the Plunge
Newcomers test the waters of their first Action Theater workshop.
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In the Midst
Peer into students' daydreams and night visions, mid-workshop.
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The Eternal Return
Veteran students talk about coming back for more.
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Sliding into Presence
Julie Feinstein recalls finally letting go. 
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Teaching Calendar
A calendar of workshops & classes—send in your info!

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Action Theater Photos by 
Ruth Zaporah

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